Services offered

  • Project Planning
  • Project Management
  • Design & Engineering
  • Construction Services
  • Post Construction

Fees and Payments

Our fees are developed after careful consideration of the project and are comparable to our competitors. For small jobs, difficult situations, and additional services, we have developed an hourly billable rate. We normally invoice at the beginning of the month and expect payment within 30 days.

Building Types

  • Assembly Buildings: Religious, Community Centers, Convention / Conference Centers, Theaters
  • Commercial & Retail: Stores, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Mixed-Use, Offices
  • Health & Recreation: Sports Clubs, Gyms, Country Clubs
  • Housing: Developer & Custom; Single Family and Multi-Family
  • Industrial: Warehouses and Manufacturing Distribution
  • Medical: Clinics, Office Buildings, Research Lab, Nursing Homes, Dental
  • Miscellaneous Building Types: Banks, Funeral Homes, Galleries, Museums
  • Parking Garages: Other transport related structures
  • Hospitality: Resorts, Restaurants, Clubs, Hotel & Motels
  • Public Buildings & Public Works: Community, Libraries, Civic Centers, Fire Departments, Courts, Police, Transportation, Public Works
  • Schools: Day Cares, Tracks and Locker Facility, Parks

Special Services

At Kelly Architectural Services, we understand that some construction projects have special needs. Therefore we make every effort to provide whatever services are necessary to get your construction project off the ground. Some of the special services we offer include grant writing, cost projections, feasibility studies, renderings and aid in seeking financial assistance.