The three major concerns an owner faces during a construction venture are time, cost, and quality. At Kelly Architectural Services, we give each aspect the fullest attention, assuring that one is not sacrificed to promote another. We offer the highest quality services at a very reasonable price in the quickest time. The end result is an efficient, high quality solution meeting the owner’s budget requirements. That is our commitment.


The staff at Kelly Architectural Services includes one principal Architect, five Architectural Technicians, and support personnel. Additional staffing is based on the work load and project requirements.


We maintain an affiliation with several engineering consultants. The following is a short list of our most commonly used consultants.

Structural Engineers

SMBH (Shelly Metz Baumann Hawk) Engineering Consultants,

Columbus Ohio

Civil Engineers & Surveying

Linn Engineering, Inc., Zanesville, Ohio

Geotechnical Engineers

CTL Engineering, Columbus, Ohio

Mechanical & Electrical Engineers

Dynamix Engineering Ltd. Columbus, Ohio

The Construction Industry

Our firm is familiar with a wide variety of construction project delivery approaches.

The traditional approach of design-award-build process is most common, but we are also familiar with design-build processes and fast-tracking. We have the facilities to manage construction and contracts for any of these approaches. New project delivery approaches are always being designed, while existing strategies are continually refined. Each approach offers its own assignment of risks and rewards; each is more appropriate to some clients and projects, and to some architects, than others.