Genesis Daycare Center

Owner: Genesis Healthcare Systems
Size: 23,867 square feet
Use: Daycare Center
Completion Dates: January 2006

Genesis came to us with the goal of building a daycare center that would combine two existing facilities. This modern facility would need to serve up to 300 children in the Zanesville community.Genesis lobby illustration

First, we recognized a problem that is unique to preschool facilities. We needed to come up with an interesting way to direct children to their appropriate locations without using words, since most preschoolers can't read. To solve this problem, we designed a space with three color-coded wings to separate children by age group. Three large crayons at the main entrance splash a vibrant swirl of color onto the ground, leading the way to each wing.

The facility also includes an outdoor playground with water features for summer-time fun, and a large multi-purpose room for year-round indoor play.